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Hoch­schule für Wirt­schaft und Recht Ber­lin - Ber­lin Pro­fes­sional School

The BPS Ber­lin Pro­fes­sional School is the insti­tute for pro­fes­sion­als at HWR Ber­lin. The HWR Ber­lin is among the most renowned uni­versit­ies in Ger­many within the man­age­ment sec­tor. HWR Ber­lin has incor­por­ated its con­tinu­ing edu­ca­tion mas­ter study pro­gramme into the Ber­lin Pro­fes­sional School.
The entire BPS pro­gramme is designed to train pro­fes­sion­als: the learn­ing formats enable full-time or part-time study, the Career Ser­vice and alumni net­work also provide oppor­tun­it­ies to take new career dir­ec­tions – even while study­ing. Those par­ti­cip­at­ing can explore career goals and estab­lish net­works. At BPS, we live man­age­ment and lead­er­ship.

Stu­dent Assist­ant - New Media / China

Work­ing field:

  • Sup­port course coun­selling, focused mainly on the field of new media/China:
  • Sup­port in the devel­op­ment of an innov­at­ive study advis­ory/study inform­a­tion sys­tem in the field of new media for the BPS blen­ded learn­ing offers (“online study coun­selling”)
  • Course coun­selling with focus on ‘China’: Inform­a­tion on study require­ments/con­tents/selec­tion require­ments of inter­na­tional degree pro­grammes espe­cially for Chinese pro­spect­ive stu­dents


  • Very good Man­darin and Eng­lish skills, in speech and writ­ing.
  • Know­ledge of China
  • Abil­ity to use social media effect­ively (par­tic­u­larly Sina Weibo, and pos­sibly Face­book, Twit­ter and LinkedIn).
  • High pro­fi­ciency with com­puters, vari­ous soft­ware pro­grammes (e.g. MS Office, Adobe Pho­toshop), and inter­net resources.
  • Must be motiv­ated, well organ­ized, and have a pos­it­ive atti­tude, an act­ive, ener­getic mind and a com­mit­ment to diversity, open­ness, and flex­ib­il­ity.
  • Ideally Mas­ter stu­dent with exper­i­ence in cus­tomer rela­tions, cus­tomer data man­age­ment, mar­ket­ing or other related field. Can­did­ates with an equi­val­ent com­bin­a­tion of exper­i­ence and/or edu­ca­tion are encour­aged to apply.

What we of­fer:

  • a pleas­ant work­ing atmo­sphere
  • pos­sib­il­ity to bring your own ideas to the table

How to ap­ply:

Applic­a­tion dead­line: 20.09.2019

Please send your applic­a­tion (in Eng­lish) includ­ing let­ter of motiv­a­tion, CV, let­ters of recom­mend­a­tion and cer­ti­fic­ate of matric­u­la­tion to:

Hoch­schule für Wirtschaft und Recht Ber­lin
Ber­lin Pro­fes­sional School Anja Lohrer
Tele­fon +49 (0)30 30877-1404

HWR Ber­lin pro­motes pro­fes­sional equal­ity between women and me, and we par­tic­u­larly encour­age applic­a­tions from women. In case of equal qual­i­fic­a­tions, indi­vidu­als with severe dis­ab­il­ity will be given pref­er­ence. We wel­come applic­a­tions from people with a migra­tion back­ground (please sub­mit a copy of the cur­rent res­id­ence and work per­mit).

By sub­mit­ting an applic­a­tion, you are con­sent­ing to the elec­tronic pro­cessing and stor­age of your data.

Please note that sub­mit­ted doc­u­ments will not be returned.