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Mimi Hear­ing Tech­no­lo­gies GmbH

As one of the most prom­ising star­tups in this field, Mimi is devel­op­ing soft­ware that improves sound for the indi­vidual's hear­ing abil­ity, based on the bio­logy of the human ear. Our pro­cessing is already built into sev­eral audio products, and we are expand­ing our net­work of part­ners in con­sumer elec­tron­ics. Our chal­lenge is to cre­ate a plat­form of mod­u­lar, easy-to-integ­rate products that bring sci­en­tific­ally improved audio to a wider audi­ence.
The Mimi team is a diverse group of innov­at­ors with strong expert­ise in audio engin­eer­ing, product devel­op­ment, hear­ing sci­ence, part­ner rela­tions, and com­mu­nic­a­tions. Our Hear­ing Test is the most accur­ate hear­ing test app in the App Store, while our sound pro­cessing soft­ware has been integ­rated into some of the most high-end con­sumer elec­tron­ics brands such as Loewe or Beyer­dy­namic.
Join­ing Mimi means you‘ll get the chance to help shape a truly innov­at­ive product in a bud­ding mar­ket. As we’re still a young team of ±50 people, your input will surely make an impact. This is a chance to help grow a world-class design team from the ground up.
Work­ing on something new brings together a bunch of people who are crazy enough to believe that the future doesn‘t just hap­pen, but needs to be shaped act­ively. That means plenty of excit­ing chal­lenges, and wild ideas fly­ing around all the time.

Will you fit our cul­ture?
At Mimi, we pride ourselves in the amaz­ing team we have built. A team that amp­li­fies con­nec­tions; both within our team, and for our users. A team with a strong and diverse cul­ture, lov­ing and respect­ing towards every­one’s indi­vidual strengths but also their imper­fec­tions. We are solv­ing a real prob­lem through strong emer­gent lead­er­ship and own­er­ship; pro­act­ively seek­ing out chal­lenges, tack­ling them boldly and inspir­ing every­one involved.
We are com­mit­ted to cre­at­ing a cul­ture which nour­ishes per­sonal growth as a basis for com­pany growth. We are a learn­ing organ­iz­a­tion; we love to work with people who take ini­ti­at­ive and are not afraid to try, fail and try again. In doing so we cre­ate a learn­ing envir­on­ment. We don’t wait to get to the per­fect solu­tion but ask for feed­back early.

Sys­tem Admin­is­trator (m/f/d)

work­ing stu­dent role for audio-tech­no­logy start-up in Friedrich­shain

Work­ing field:

We are look­ing for a work­ing stu­dent "Sys­tem Admin­is­tra­tion" to join our audio-tech­no­logy start-up in our brand­new office in Friedrich­shain.

What you will do:
  • Admin­is­tra­tion, install­a­tion, and sup­port of MacOS- and Win­dows-based sys­tems
  • Con­fig­ure and deploy end-user equip­ment – desktops, laptops, tab­lets, phones
  • You are respons­ible for the admin­is­tra­tion and main­ten­ance of our exist­ing net­work infra­struc­ture sys­tem land­scape
  • Setup, sup­port, and imple­ment­a­tion of server and net­work sys­tems
  • You sup­port the team with on- and off-board­ing pro­cesses of new employ­ees and set up the hard­ware and soft­ware and are also respons­ible for the order and man­age­ment of these


  • High abil­ity to work inde­pend­ently
  • High ser­vice ori­ent­a­tion and abil­ity to see the cus­tomer's per­spect­ive
  • Must be an exper­i­enced sys­tem admin­is­trator
  • Flu­ent Eng­lish
  • Voca­tional train­ing in an IT or Tech­nical related field
  • Min­imum 1 to 2 years of exper­i­ence in sys­tem admin­is­tra­tion and IT
  • Exper­i­ence with MacOS and Win­dows-based sys­tem
  • Exper­i­ence at the net­work level: WAN and LAN con­nectiv­ity, routers, fire­walls, and secur­ity

What we of­fer:

  • The oppor­tun­ity to make an impact on an untapped mar­ket and con­trib­ute to the devel­op­ment of a truly innov­at­ive product and com­pany
  • An entre­pren­eur­ial exper­i­ence in a young, fast mov­ing star­tup loc­ated in the heart of trendy Ber­lin-Friedrich­shain
  • Full respons­ib­il­ity and autonomy over your own pro­jects
  • A wel­com­ing work cul­ture which nour­ishes per­sonal growth as the base for com­pany growth
  • A team of people who start doing things, fail and learn fast in order to keep mov­ing instead of wait­ing and draft­ing the per­fect solu­tions

How to ap­ply:

Please apply with CV and cover let­ter:
Your con­tact per­son is Mar­len.