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50Hertz Trans­mis­sion GmbH - Diese Anzeige ver­öf­fent­lichen wir im eng­lischen Ori­ginal, da die Pos­i­tion sehr gute Eng­lisch­ken­nt­n­isse ver­langt.

Intern (f/m) for Trans­mis­sion Sys­tem Grid Stud­ies and Data Eval­u­ation

(Prak­tik­antin (w/m) im Bereich Net­z­stud­ien für Über­tra­gung­s­netze, Work & Learn)

At EGI we con­sult inter­na­tio­nal Cli­ents in the fields Energy Mar­kets and Mar­ket Deve­lop­ment, Rene­wa­ble Inte­gra­tion, Asset Manage­ment Sys­tem Ope­ra­ti­ons and Grid Deve­lop­ment.
EGI berät inter­na­tio­nale Kun­den in den zu den The­men­fel­dern Ener­gie­märkte und Markt­de­sign, Inte­gra­tion von Erneu­er­ba­ren Ener­gien, Asset Manage­ment, Netz­füh­rung und Netz­ent­wick­lung.

Work­ing field:

  • Per­form­ing grid cal­cu­la­tions: steady-state power flow sim­u­la­tions, dynamic cal­cu­la­tions, optimal power flow, devel­op­ing optim­iz­a­tion and auto­ma­tion algorithms (tools may be Integ­ral, Power­Fact­ory, PSS/E, etc.);
  • Data man­age­ment, extract­ing data from data­bases, col­lect­ing data from pub­licly avail­able sources, pro­cessing data using for­mu­las, fil­ters and codes. Pre­par­ing ana­lysis res­ults with graphs and tables using Excel, Mat­lab, R, and other data­base and pro­gram­ming lan­guages;
  • Pre­par­ing present­a­tions: Hav­ing the abil­ity to digest inform­a­tion and com­pose a storyline, organ­ize inform­a­tion in a logical and con­cise man­ner, pre­pare visual cues using Power­Point;
  • Lit­er­at­ure/ mar­ket research: Col­lect­ing inform­a­tion and pre­par­ing sum­mar­ies about a spe­cific tech­nical topic, and/or situ­ation in a for­eign mar­ket.


  • Be a stu­dent in an advance stage of your study in Elec­trical Engin­eer­ing or Indus­trial Engin­eer­ing with a focus on power sys­tems or in the field of elec­trical engin­eer­ing, or any other com­par­able field of study;
  • Have an in-depth under­stand­ing in energy engin­eer­ing or sim­ilar pro­fes­sional fields, ideally with a study focus of renew­able energy;
  • Have the basic know­ledge of power load flow cal­cu­la­tion pro­gram, ideally DIg­SI­LENT Power­Fact­ory, Integ­ral, PSS/E;
  • Have a high ana­lyt­ical abil­ity com­bined with a sys­tem­atic work­ing approach, as well as a high level of self-organ­isa­tion and reli­ab­il­ity;
  • Be highly motiv­ated, are a good com­mu­nic­ator, cre­at­ive, and are a team player;
  • Have an advanced level of Eng­lish and good Ger­man lan­guage skills;
  • Have MS-Office -exper­i­ence.

What we of­fer:

  • Inter­est­ing, chal­len­ging tasks in a friendly and inter­na­tional envir­on­ment; The oppor­tun­ity to take over respons­ib­il­ity and to show your strength quickly;
  • The chance to get valu­able pro­fes­sional exper­i­ence dur­ing your study;
  • The oppor­tun­ity to get to know a com­pany of the energy industry closely;
  • A fair com­pens­a­tion and a nice work­ing place in the Ber­lin office close to the cent­ral sta­tion.

How to ap­ply:

Elia Grid Inter­na­tional gives people with han­di­cap a fair chance.

We are look­ing for­ward for your com­plete applic­a­tion includ­ing your earli­est date of entry. Please apply online ( by July 29th, 2018 latest.

The 50Hertz Human Resources Depart­ment sup­ports this Elia Grid Inter­na­tional recruit­ing pro­ject with its ser­vices.