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Game­Du­ell GmbH - Online / Inter­net

Game­Du­ell – Brin­ging people tog­e­ther to have a good time with games

Die Lei­den­schaft für die Ent­wick­lung hoch­wer­ti­ger Spiele und der Fokus auf ein her­vor­ra­gen­des Kun­den­er­leb­nis haben Game­Du­ell zu einer der größ­ten platt­form­über­grei­fen­den Spiele-Com­mu­nities der Welt gemacht. Seit 2003 haben mehr als 130 Mil­lio­nen Spie­ler*innen bei uns gespielt.

Game­Du­ell bie­tet auf der belieb­ten Spie­le­seite ein brei­tes Port­fo­lio von über 40 Casual Online Skill Games, wie z.B. Fluffy, Bub­ble Speed, Jungle Jewels und Spiele­klas­si­ker wie Hearts, Soli­taire und Spi­der, die größ­ten­teils selbst ent­wi­ckelt wur­den. Wir expan­die­ren stark über ver­schie­dene Platt­for­men und bie­ten viele unse­rer Com­mu­nity-Kar­ten- und Brett­spiele auch auf sozia­len Netz­wer­ken und mobi­len Gerä­ten an. Wei­tere Infor­ma­tio­nen auf


Gründung: Dezem­ber 2003 in Ber­lin, Deutsch­land
Manage­ment: Kai Bolik & Boris Was­muth
Com­mu­nity: Über 130 Mil­lio­nen regis­trierte Spie­lende auf ver­schie­de­nen Platt­for­men
Games: Über 40 Online-Games in 7 Spra­chen

Working Stu­dent User Rese­arch *


As a User Expe­ri­ence Rese­arch working stu­dent, you will work with a team of pro­fes­sio­nals con­duc­ting rese­arch on the latest and upco­m­ing games which are deve­lo­ped in our Ber­lin stu­dio.

In the User Rese­arch Team, our goal is to under­stand our play­ers’ expe­ri­ence to improve our games, ser­vices, and pro­ces­ses. The insights we gene­rate help guide the design teams to make the next big hits around the world.

You will enjoy a diverse variety of tasks and have the oppor­tu­nity to use a wide range of both per­so­nal and pro­fes­sio­nal qua­li­ties, inclu­ding sci­en­ti­fic, crea­tive, and inter­per­so­nal skills.

Your tasks
  • Learn game user rese­arch 101 and build your UX know­ledge to help kick­start your jour­ney
  • Con­duct user rese­arch stu­dies using both qua­li­ta­tive and quan­ti­ta­tive methods (usa­bi­lity tests, inter­views, diary stu­dies, sur­veys, etc.)
  • Sup­port recrui­t­ing the right rese­arch par­ti­ci­pants for dif­fe­rent pro­jects and sche­dule their study ses­si­ons
  • Par­ti­ci­pate in the deve­lop­ment of new fea­tures to explore and evolve the desi­ra­bi­lity of our gaming expe­ri­en­ces
  • Work with dif­fe­rent teams to prio­ri­tize rese­arch oppor­tu­nities and sup­port our lead rese­ar­chers in the iden­ti­fi­ca­tion, plan­ning, and exe­cu­tion of rese­arch oppor­tu­nities, and pre­sen­ta­tion of the key fin­dings.

Erwartete Qualifikationen:

What we expect
  • You are a curious soul who keeps won­de­ring “What could have been bet­ter?” and “What if?”
  • You are not mar­ried to your ideas or bia­ses, but you also stand by what you believe is right until pro­ven other­wise
  • Cur­r­ently enrol­led as a stu­dent in Psy­cho­logy, Cogni­tive Sci­ence, Human-Com­pu­ter Inter­ac­tions, Human Fac­tors, Cul­tu­ral Anthro­po­logy, Socio­logy, Beha­vio­ral Eco­no­mics, or simi­lar disci­pli­nes
  • You value a sci­en­ti­fic approach. You believe in ite­ra­tive pro­gress and value all impro­ve­ments eit­her big or small. Ide­ally, you already have some expe­ri­ence in the area of rese­arch and beha­vior stu­dies
  • You love play­ing games (mobile/tablet, PC con­sole, and/or board)
  • Flu­ent Eng­lish and good Ger­man is man­datory, know­ledge of French is very wel­come

Unser Angebot:

What we offer

  • Par­ti­ci­pate and con­duct real-life User Rese­arch stu­dies and gain expe­ri­ence
  • Inde­pen­dent work with inte­res­ting pos­si­bi­li­ties for your per­so­nal deve­lop­ment
  • A ver­sa­tile, fri­endly, and inter­na­tio­nal team that gua­ran­tees fun on the job
  • One of the best working spaces in Ber­lin: our well-situa­ted office in Mitte! Inclu­des free soft drinks, fruit, pool table, table ten­nis, game events, sports cour­ses, a sunny roof­top ter­race, and much more!
  • Fle­xi­ble working hours

We are an eco­lo­gi­cal and soci­ally sustainable com­pany and have our very own “Green Team” which imple­ments ideas and initia­ti­ves to help pro­tect our envi­ron­ment and for cha­rity. As a games com­mu­nity, we take our social respon­si­bi­lity seriously. We are co-foun­ders of the “Lea­ders for Cli­mate Action” and have com­mit­ted our­sel­ves to beco­m­ing car­bon neu­tral.

  • We pay atten­tion to envi­ron­men­tal fri­endly and resource-effi­ci­ent stan­dards when purcha­sing our office and food sup­plies
  • We match your cha­rity dona­ti­ons
  • Join our “Green Team” and you can actively engage with cha­ri­ties and help to pro­tect our envi­ron­ment by direc­tly taking part in many of our green initia­ti­ves
  • Social respon­si­bi­lity begins with each of us. Our cor­po­rate cul­ture is cha­rac­te­ri­zed by mutual trust and respect. Our open and inter­na­tio­nal team wel­co­mes and respects diver­sity

Hinweise zur Bewerbung:

Con­tact us

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We look for­ward to recei­ving your app­li­ca­tion. Please send your app­li­ca­tion inclu­ding pos­si­ble start date as PDF with the sub­ject ‘Working Stu­dent User Rese­arch *’.

(*)Game­Du­ell is proud to be an equal oppor­tu­nity employer that does not discri­mi­nate in its hiring prac­tices. Any terms refer­ring to people are valid for all gen­ders whe­ther male, female, or diverse.