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INEOS is a young and vibrant glo­bal chem­ical com­pany, which is now at the fore­front of explor­ing cut­ting edge energy solu­tions for the UK and Europe. We have grown quickly through acquis­i­tion, hav­ing 105 sites in 22 coun­tries and annual tur­no­ver of over $40bn. Yet we are often refer­red to as the big­gest com­pany that you have never heard of. We are not pub­licly quo­ted and don’t sell dir­ectly to con­sumers, but rather sell our pro­ducts busi­ness to busi­ness as the raw mater­i­als for man­u­fac­tur­ing goods. These pro­ducts make a sig­ni­fic­ant con­tri­bu­tion to sav­ing life, improv­ing health and enhan­cing stand­ards of liv­ing for people around the world. In many of the mar­kets we oper­ate in we are num­ber one in the world.

INEOS Euro­pean Com­mer­cial Gra­duate Pro­gramme

Work­ing field:

You will rotate on three dif­fe­rent jobs across several loca­ti­ons around Europe (Lon­don, Colo­gne, Ant­werp, Frank­furt, Gran­ge­mouth or Lavera). Our gra­dua­tes take on res­pon­si­bi­lity from day one, working on real jobs making their own deci­si­ons in dyna­mic busi­nes­ses. You could find yours­elf per­for­ming as a Busi­ness Ana­lyst, Energy Tra­der, Poly­mer Pro­duct Offi­cer, Pro­cu­re­ment Spe­cia­list, Sales Account Exe­cu­tive or Sup­ply Chain Ope­ra­tor.


  • Out­stan­ding degree in any tech­ni­cal and/or eco­no­mic disci­pline
  • Com­mer­cial awa­ren­ess as well as pro­found inte­rest in eco­no­mic con­texts
  • Tech­ni­cal under­stan­ding and desire to get the big­ger INEOS pic­ture
  • Excel­lent spo­ken and writ­ten Eng­lish skills
  • Mobi­lity wit­hin Europe and the wil­ling­ness to live abroad
  • Fle­xi­bi­lity to take on any chal­lenge in any func­tion
  • Keen per­cep­tion in fast-moving envi­ron­ments
  • Strong com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills and a self-con­fi­dent man­ner
  • The drive to con­vince and ambi­tion to go the extra mile

What we of­fer:

We are loo­king for highly moti­va­ted gra­dua­tes with inter­di­sci­pli­nary skills for our five-year
Euro­pean Com­mer­cial Gra­duate Pro­gramme which is excep­tio­nal to any trainee pro­gramme. If you are inte­rested in star­ting your inter­na­tio­nal career in com­mer­cial roles with one of the lea­ding petro­che­mi­cal com­pa­nies in the world, this scheme is for you.

How to ap­ply:

Please com­plete the online app­li­ca­tion form through this link to apply:

We accept app­li­ca­ti­ons 365 days a year.